Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

I cannot rate this book because 4/5 stars means the book was amazing, which if the ending is any indication, far from it. I cannot decide whether I liked it or not. But I definitely don’t think I hate it either. as far as the story goes, i have no issues. may be expected more action but the plot was too tame. the scientific details were overwhelming and it was different from zombie scenarios. i expected more character developments as well but they only got worse. this book was not as exhilarating as insurgent. the only commonality was countless death.
Did the ending bother me, yes but I am not complaining. Bad things tend to happen, its normal. It is well within Ms Roth’s right to end the story she created in any way pleasing to her. It’s quite immature to hate the author for thinking that the ending was inevitable. I will always like her. She made me sad, but it is because I’ll miss her writing more now.
I loved the way the author created the world of divergent. She painted her scene, built a world, created characters and breathed life into them and then she spun the words around their life as a story. She made the connection between the story and readers allowing them to familiarize with her characters and falling in love with them. We are addicted to the world and wonder in fascination and speculate the events of their life as if it’s all real. She simulated us into the book and we were as much a part of the plot as the other artists.
She gradually introduced emotions into the artists and we sympathized with them. We shipped their relationship and she played with romance, friendship and loyalty. We learned about the disposition of the imaginary friends we so made and related ourselves to their situation. She rained them with challenges and we wished them success. Then came violence, bloodshed and pain neither characters nor readers could bear. We prayed that no harm befell them. We realized that the characters are brave, smart, passionate and strong willed individuals who can overcome any number of problems. In spite of death of many side characters the lead pair survived through the crisis and it made us proud and content.
The world of divergent inspired by the distant future was crafted with meticulous details and developments. The imagination and creativity ran wild with high class technology, advanced science and even the violent parts and a well run society mimicking peace and prosperity and free of injustice. The author mesmerized us with descriptions of simulation and reactions with delicate hands.
As she led us to the heart of the tale, she brought out the imperfection and purity so as to further get to know her little artists. We began to admire their courage and smart work and experienced the selflessness of their actions. We also saw the character’s self actualization and evaluation of their choices in life and saw them attempting life threatening deeds and venturing out safely. We were anxious that they return safe instead of turning up as next on the casualty. After betrayals and wedges in the relationships we finally understood the clear picture of what the author has set as premise for.
The romance was sweet and breezy, untouched by wild and crude form of lust. We saw a real relationship blossoming with both its best and unpleasant times. We saw beauty in the innocence and were left craving for more. The lines between young love and lust were clearly defined, it felt like Cinderella and Charming again.
The characters grew along with us and we became intertwined with their life. When we were so sure of their future, the maker took the heroine away from us, sacrificed for greater good, leaving us shattered and lost.

The ending is not justified. Tris sacrificed her life for a noble cause. She could not send her brother to his death; he was too much of a coward to face death in the face. She decided to honor her parent’s selflessness by giving up her life too. She became a martyr. We were introduced to a tris who could not embrace the life of abnegation. She is smart, enthusiastic towards every new thing and brave. She had substance. Her passion drives her to be reckless in order to save her loved ones. She comes off as fierce in friendship and in battle. She is loyal and selfless. She realizes via various fatal ventures that she is as selfless as her parents and would not stop to think before she throws her life for the greater good. She is too stubborn to listen to tobias nor her friends. Unlike many she felt guilty about the lives that were lost on account of her and she mourned it. She trembled using the gun. She did not value her life above others. She was a pure soul.
To say that it was predictable that tris died is absurdity. A character develops into a better personality as the story advances and tris only advancement was to think she is meant to sacrifice herself. She made poor choices. She cheated death quite a number of times and hoped she could pull off a final one. But death caught up with her. She had survived serums and simulations only to die by gun shot. This is more insult than honor.also her death was regarded as some unknown rebel,which makes her death look useless.
Now the explanation to her demise is illogical. What was so inevitable? Was it because she was so reckless? Was it because her plans backfired? Was it because she miscalculated the consequences? Was it because she was too complacent? She merely misconstrued that her parent’s selflessness was without ulterior motives.
Being selfless does not mean laying down your life. We are all defined by the choice we make. Since when has the direst crisis ever pushed us towards death? Then it’s cowardice. No one’s purpose in life is to die however noble the cause is. Death does not answer to any problem. Her parents gave up because that they had seen enough. They had also lived their life. It is the young who need to lead the world and if they think they have to emulate elders then all of us should die. Everyone has huge problems and they have to face it. Caleb did not deserve her pity; he should have been the one to die for his betrayal. By making that choice, she failed to enlighten us upon the various harmless alternatives that were there. What kind of moral is this? That a sixteen year old girl is mature enough? Hell no!! As for tobias he went from a little annoying to a douche. He just lost the shine out of him.
This ending is expected of a dystopian novel. It is considered silly if readers hope for happily ever after. It would be too unrealistic. Bittersweet ending is apt only when its justified. The patterns and trends in this trilogy led ppl to speculate death and violence and even want the same. Also it is in human nature to want things to wind up pleasing and good, although many don’t like anything that comes neatly packed in a HEA. Dystopian teaches us all things horrible that is possible. Sometimes the sadness is okay. Tris’s death is an insult. It’s a case of execution gone completely wrong.
Tris did not care how much she would hurt tobias. Their relationship went on a rollercoaster ride with lies, mistrust and fights. In the end they found their way back into each other’s arms. We’ll love her. She’ll always be the gun toting kickass girl who was a good person. There will never be another Tris. We’ll miss her forever. She was unique and normal at the same time.
Tobias found his closure after a couple of years.
Indeed allegiant is neatly wrapped up in a lovely red wrapper with a golden string. But untie the ribbon; inside you see pain, grief and lingering misery. We started our journey with tris jumping from buildings, catching fast-moving trains and zip lining just because she is the kind of person who does not shy away from courageous feats. We felt the love between her and tobias and became close only to lose her in the end. Her death feels real and leaves an empty silence in the place where she lived in our hearts.
I hope Ms Roth gives us more tales preferably fantasy and with one of a kind plot. I will keep hoping that in her next venture she gives a HEA.